Our Services

Harmony Design and Renovation offers an array of interior design solutions from small scale consultations to get you started to the development, coordination and construction of a fully customized dream home.

Our interior design services include:

  • Architectural planning & design (interior and exterior spaces)
  • Design concept development & project coordination
  • Space, floor, lighting and furniture layout (including drawings and 3D renderings to assist with visualization)
  • Materials, finishes and furniture selection (including the sourcing and/or assistance in the selection of flooring, millwork, exterior finishes, cabinetry, tiles, fixtures, hardware, wall coverings, furniture, fabrics, lighting, art and accessories)
  • Decorating ideas and solutions (including recommendations for paint colours, window treatments, furniture layout, accessorizing, custom organization ideas and solutions for design dilemmas)

Including an interior designer on your team will reduce mistakes and minimize uncertainty and stress.  The end result will be a well-coordinated, functional space that reflects your personal style and suits the needs of you and your family.  Contact us today to book a consultation. 

Harmony Design and Renovation will prepare a complete set of construction drawings containing floor plans, elevations, sections, “details" and perspective views; that together form a detailed picture of the entire construction project. There are separate pages for each major trade, including a site plan, floor plans, foundation plan, electrical plan, plumbing plan, and framing plan. In general, each drawing is either an elevation, plan, or section view.

  • Floor plans are views looking straight down at the floor, showing precisely dimensioned rooms, closets, kitchens and baths, and the locations of doors, windows, stairs, and other interior elements.
  • Exterior elevations are the sides of the building viewed looking straight at them. These can be a little deceptive, since everything appears as a single, flat plane, with no clues as to depth. So, for example, a sloped roof viewed from the side looks like a flat vertical rectangle – not what you would actually see in a 3D world. Two walls or objects, offset by 10 ft. appear in the same plane.  Exterior elevations give you a pretty good idea of what the house will look like on each side, but 3D perspective drawings provide a much more realistic view.
  • Sections are drawings that show what you would see if you cut a slice through the building, revealing the inside of walls, floors, foundations, and other elements. Most common are elevation sections, cut vertically through the walls and floors. Sections are especially useful for carpenters trying to see how the framing and other elements fit together (at left).

Details are drawings of specific elements where the designer wants to provide more detailed information than can be seen in the larger drawings of the entire project. A larger scale may be used. Details are often section drawings of the foundation, exterior walls, windows, stairs, framing, or other construction elements. Where section drawings are cut through is usually indicated on the floor plans with an arrow and letter label matching the elevation drawing.

Perspective (3D) views give you an opportunity to see what the project will look like once it's completed, as if you were standing inside it.  Perspective views can be used to demonstrate all aspects of the construction, renovation or design and can be created in a photo realistic manner to demonstrate space and colour in a way that will assist you in visualizing your construction, renovation or update project.

Our construction drawings are completed to ensure that a building permit is easily obtained and that your construction or renovation project continues to move forward.

At the initial consultation, we will go through the process with you, listen to your needs and requirements, cultivate a relationship and learn about you as a client. Following the initial consultation, we will put together a project scope which details the work proposed and the rates involved for the entire project

Harmony Design and Renovation offers four types of on-site consultations:

  • Ideas/Decorating Consultation for homeowners who are looking for professional ideas and decorating solutions. Clients who are looking for help with colour selection, furniture placement, window treatment ideas, accessorizing or custom organization would benefit from this type of consultation.
  • Interior Design for larger design projects, the consultation will include a designer and construction manager to ensure all design, renovation, building requirements, and structural changes will be considered. At this initial consultation, our team will explore the scope of the project, learn your style preferences and lifestyle, discuss your budget and explain the design and renovation process with you
  • New Home Build - a designer and construction project manager will meet with you to discuss your specific needs, ideas, project scope, budget and timeline. In addition, they will explain the design and construction process and answer any questions or concerns.
  • Construction Drawings - at the initial consultation, a construction manager will consult with you regarding the preparation of a full set of drawings for your renovation or construction project. Should you decide to utilize Harmony Design and Renovation to prepare your construction drawings, a designer and construction manager will return for an extensive (often 4 to 6 hour) interview with your family to facilitate the development of a set of drawings that meets the needs of both your family and the local building department.

There is no cost, no obligation and no pressure associated with any of our initial consultations. Please contact us to discuss which consultation type will suit your needs.